Airway Shield TM:

A disposable barrier mouthpiece and airway for minimizing aerosol dispersion during intubation while facilitating the procedure.  

Background: an unmet need for barrier devices that protect clinicians during intubation while facilitating the procedure.

Intubation is a common procedure in respiratory infections such as COVID-19, associated with a high risk of disease transmission due to the spread of aerosol and droplets. To reduce the rate of transmission during intubation, various barrier devices (such as intubation boxes) have been developed to protect healthcare workers. However, these devices are bulky and have been shown to impede fast and effective intubation. Furthermore, uncareful removal or incomplete sterilization of current devices can paradoxically lead to higher rates of disease transmission.

Our solution: a barrier mouthpiece and airway compatible with all standard intubation procedures.

Our patented technology incorporates a barrier mouthpiece which protects clinicians from aerosols and droplets, while facilitating the procedure itself. The airway acts as a guide, enabling faster, more accurate positioning of the endotracheal tube. It also features two extra channels which permit oropharyngeal aspiration during the procedure. The device is compatible with all video laryngoscopes and permits all standard intubation procedures. The device is fully disposable and quick and easy to remove, eliminating the risk of transmission during removal. 


  • Reducing disease transmission in all standard intubation procedures in patients with COVID-19 and other infectious respiratory diseases.
  • Facilitating intubation in COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients with easy or difficult airways. 
  • Permitting all standard procedures during intubation (aspiration of respiratory secretions, etc.).


  • Easy to use.
  • No prior assembly required.
  • Compact size for storage and transport. 
  • Compatible with all video laryngoscopes. 
  • Fully disposable.
  • Low cost.

Additional information:

  • International Patent Application No. PCT/AU2020/050639. “Shielded intubation guide and method”.
  • Preclinical trials under review for publication. 
  • CE marking and FDA approval process in progress.