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Endotracheal Intubation: An Aerosol Generating Procedure

ETI is a complex and high-risk procedure only performed by highly trained clinicians. More than 50 million intubations are performed worldwide per year. It is the third most common procedure in US hospitals. The global airway management market value is 1.6 billion € per year.

ETI permits mechanical ventilation in patients with severe respiratory failure, in the context of COVID-19 or other causes. It is also required in most surgeries.

It is an aerosol generating procedure (AGP) with high risk of infection for the operators. At present, clinicians represent 5.46 % of total COVID-19 cases in Spain, with a total of more than 79,000 cases.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has compelled the medical community worldwide to search for a device that could make ETI safer, both for patients and for clinicians. In this context, the Airway ShieldTM is a groundbreaking solution: a unique, disposable device that makes intubation safer for both patient and clinical staff, is easy to operate with minimal training, and is highly cost-effective.

The Airway ShieldTM

An innovative low-cost and safe solution for minimizing risks of ETI procedure.

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Seal to allow laryngoscope blade and endotracheal tube to pass, while minimizing aerosols and droplets leakage
The ‘Shield’ covers the patient’s mouth and protects the operator from infection
Seal to allow aspiration of secretions and/or aerosols
The ‘Airway’ facilitates intubation by guiding the endotracheal tube towards the larynx

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised an urgent need for adequate protective measures during high-risk aerosol-generating procedures such as endotracheal intubation (ETI).

Current clinical guidelines for airway management encourage clinicians to focus on using appropriate contact and airborne precautions.

The Airway ShieldTM is a cost-effective and revolutionary barrier device that protects medical staff during intubation procedures.

How it works

The simple yet innovative operating mechanism behind the Airway ShieldTM consists in supporting the tongue while creating a channel for the endotracheal tube (ETT), so it can easily follow the direction set by the laryngoscope blade towards the larynx.

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Placing the Airway ShieldTM

Carefully following the palate, the device is introduced into the mouth until the shield is covering the mouth of the patient. The shield protects the operators from droplets and aerosols.

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Like in a standard intubation, the video-laryngoscope is introduced first to obtain the view of the larynx, and then the ETT is introduced. The channel of the device facilitates the introduction of the ETT following the blade of the laryngoscope towards the larynx.

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Removing the Airway ShieldTM

Once the ETT is in place and the ventilator is connected, the Airway ShieldTM is peeled away from the midline and removed. The exposure to aerosols and droplets has been minimized.

The benefits

The Airway ShieldTM is a cost-effective, safe, and innovative solution for avoiding clinician exposure to aerosols and droplets during airway management.

Patient Safety

Facilitates intubation, making the procedure safer.

Operator Protection

Protects clinicians from the risk of infection.

Reduce Aerosols and Droplets

Reduces exposure for all involved in the procedure.

Easy to use

Minimal training required.


Available and ready to use in any circumstance.


Simple solution to a complex problem.

Disruptive technology

Revolutionary yet simple design.


Design and method protected by an international patent.


What the experts have to say about our device

Simple, intuitive and easy to use. This device facilitates intubation and provides safety to the professional against the generation of aerosols.

Ana MendigurenAnaesthesiologist, University Hospital Araba

A barrier that can be crucial in the professional protection.

Mikel BibankoAnaesthesiologist, University Hospital Araba

A breakthrough in the field of security combined with easy to use technology, even for those with little experience.

Jon RenteriaSecond-Year Resident in Anaesthesiology, University Hospital Araba

Device easy to use, comfortable to place and facilitates ventilation and intubation, using laryngoscope as well as videolaryngoscope. And at the same time protects you against aerosols.

Fidel de CelisAnaesthesiologist, University Hospital Araba

Meet the team

Dr. Julio Alonso

Founder and CEO

Joanne Zuo

Business Development

Eduardo Gutierrez

Product Manager

Silvia Chan

Digital Marketing Manager

Cambell Smyth

Industrial Designer

Dr. Bernadette Pfang

Medical Research & Communication


Our product roadmap with milestones from the conceptualization phase in April-May 2020 to our commercial launch in July-August 2021.


International Patent Filed (PCT)
1st Manufacturing partner contract (manual mold)
1st crowdfunding completed in 24 hours
CE Mark Obtained
Publication of the 1st preclinical study in an international medical journal
Obtained “Safer Technology” designation by the FDA
1st Human Trial started
1st distribution contract with palex medical
2nd manufacturing partner contract (automatic mold)
Commercialization started in Spain and Portugal
2nd Crowdfunding Completed In 10 Days



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